Body (Colors): 100% Pro-Brite nylon Body (White): 100% Pro-Brite polyester Side Panels/Collar/Cuffs: 100% lycratalic spandex dazzle Engineered Stripe Collar and Cuffs (specific to team): 100% polyester Stitched number on the chest, back and sleeves Individual twill or dazzle letters for the player name College Equipment patch sewn on the bottom of the front collar or fabric insert College Equipment jock tag with numeric sizing is applied to the lower left bottom of the jersey logo Stitched on each sleeve Decorated in the team colors

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Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Stitched

Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Stitched

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The following devices are devices that FDA believes meet the reserved criteria in section 206 of the Modernization Act and, therefore, would remain subject to premarket notification under new section 510(l) added to the act:

Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts

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862.1065 Ammonia test system.  
862.1113 Bilirubin (total and unbound) in the neonate test system.  
862.1310 Galactose test system.  
862.1495 Magnesium test system.  
862.1680 Testosterone test system.  
862.1730 Free tyrosine test system.  
862.1775 Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Uric acid test system.  
862.3110 Antimony test system.  
862.3120 Arsenic test system.  
862.3600 Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Mercury test system.  
862.3750 Quinine test system.  
862.3850 Sulfonamide test system.  
864.8950 Russell viper venom reagent.  
864.9050 Blood bank supplies.  
864.9125 Vacuum-assisted blood collection system. 2  
866.2390 Transport culture medium.  
866.2560 Microbial growth monitor.  
866.2850 Automated zone reader.  
866.2900 Microbiological specimen collection and transport device.  
866.3110 Campylobacter fetus serological reagents.  
866.3120 Chlamydia serological reagents.  
866.3235 Epstein-Barr virus serological reagents.  
866.3370 Mycobacterium tuberculosis immunofluorescent reagents.  
866.3870 Trypanosoma spp. serological reagents.  
872.4200 Dental handpiece and accessories.  
872.6250 Dental chair and accessories. 18  
Sleeve T-shirt Orleans Long Black Logo Saints New Dental operative unit and accessories. 21  
872.6710 Boiling water sterilizer.  
878.4460 Non-powdered surgeon's glove.  
880.5090 Liquid bandage. 8  
880.5680 Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Pediatric position holder.  
880.6250 Non-powdered patient examination glove.  
880.6375 Patient lubricant.  
882.1030 Ataxiagraph. 96  
882.1420 Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal spectrum analyzer.  
884.2980 Telethermographic system.  
884.2982 Liquid crystal thermographic system.  
884.5435 Unscented menstrual pad. 80  
Limited Uchenna Untouchable White Nwosu Chargers Football 42 Jersey Vapor Stitched Men's Intraocular lens guide. 15  
886.4370 Keratome.  
890.3850 Mechanical wheelchair.  
890.5710 Hot or cold disposable pack. 16  
892.1100 Scintillation (gamma) camera.  
892.1110 Positron camera.  



Exemption is limited to manual devices.


Exemption is limited to uses as a skin protectant.

Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts Jersey Blackout Jalen 2 Limited Crimson Tide College Hurts 15

Exemption does not apply if used as folders and injectors for soft or foldable IOL's.


Exemption does not apply when indicated for infants.


Only chairs without operative unit device are 510(k) exempt. Dental chair with operative unit, product code KLC, requires 510(k) clearance. Dental chair without operative unit, product code NRU, is exempt from 510(k).


Only the accessories tray to the unit is 510(k) exempt. Dental operative unit, product code EIA, requires 510(k) clearance. Oral cavity evacuator, product code EHZ , is exempt from 510(k). Saliva ejector mouthpiece, product code DYN , is exempt from 510(k). Suction operatory unit, product code EBR, is exempt from 510(k). Operative dental unit accessories, product code NRD, is exempt from 510(k).


510(k) exempt only when the device is made of common celluosic and synthetic material with an established safety profile.


Exemption is limited to ataxiagraphs that do not provide an interpretation or a clinical implication of the measurement

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